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Up and Up

Sometimes in life we are wrong about things. I think I may have been wrong about this NASA project. Yes, I still believe that we may have too many people involved. I am still confused about our final goal. Yet, it’s not horrible. It’s actually kind of shaping up to be a fun and fairly rewarding experience. I don’t exactly look forward to going to this job yet, but I’m not dreading it either. I’m moving from frustration to indifference and hopefully, I will move on to enjoyment. Each time we meet, the project gets better and it gets easier.


And a noteworthy highlight of all this, is my science notebook lives! NASA requires each student who receives funding to present at NAS and I am being allowed to use my science notebook idea. What’s even more encouraging is that one of the faculty members actually encouraged me to tweak my idea to a blogging concept. Here’s the revamped idea: students will blog about their experiences (I stressed that these can be anything from vlogs to picture narratives) and on Thursdays I will have an Awesome Science blog round up where the students will post links to my blog post in the comments section. I am also encouraging them to tweet at #cscawesomescience a couple of weeks. I especially hope that they post links to the videos of liquid nitrogen volcanoes they found. Once a month, I will go through and collect all the tweets from that month to create a timeline which I will post here. This will then be presented as a look at social media platforms used as a learning aid in the sciences.


I really, really hope this works.

So, things are not all bad and things are looking up. I have high hopes for this project; let’s see where it goes.


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3 comments on “Up and Up

  1. Dalton Sheets
    February 4, 2014

    Sounds like an awesome thing you’re working on there. I am interested to see how things turn out for you and good luck! Thanks for the post.

  2. Haddon Musings
    February 4, 2014

    Wow, I am not really sure what your project is about but your cup overflows with great ideas. I am sure you are going to have loads of interesting fun with your students.

  3. dena
    February 5, 2014

    Great ideas and it’s exciting to hear how engaged you are with it. Good luck and hope it turns out the way you want.

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