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Eating Science

This week has flown by. I had all of these illustrious plans for blogging more, reading more, doing more homework, and sleeping more. Of course, this didn’t come to fruition. I have begun my “bloat ‘em, float ‘em, explode ‘em” project though and it is off to a wonderful start. Who knew chicken skin broke under 400 pounds of pressure per square inch (though I did get this information with one full trial run and so it has a large margin of error)? The Upturned Microscope has pretty much summed up all of my feelings about this project with this one comic:


Science is having a slow week this week otherwise. Our NASA girls were at a meeting on Monday and I was sick on Wednesday, but they have blogged anyway. Our NASA advisor actually mentioned on Monday that she was surprised at the blogging response this project has had and if I am honest, so I am. Yet, I couldn’t be more pleased. Enough with me though and onto the blogs!


Dani’s blog shows what edible fun science can be. On Wednesday, they spent their time working in chemistry and built water and carbon dioxide molecules out of marshmallows and toothpicks. They combined the two to make sugar molecules. Dani also has included a riddle for you all to solve and will hopefully be uploading a video of it later this week, so stay tuned!


Miss Willnerd includes more photographic evidence of the tsunami project last week. She has fun with Miss Adams acting as Mother Nature and herself pretending to be the poor townspeople who have had their village swept away by the giant waves. She also includes a brief mention of the NASA groups first presentation to the other staff at our college.


Miss Adams has become quite the prolific blogger! I am probably more excited about this than I should be, but I hope she continues to blog as she goes into her student teaching and eventual ‘real’ teaching job. This week she has two posts. She also recaps on the tsunamis from last week, with many different photos than those in Miss Willnerd’s blog. The two are nice compliments to each other. Her other post this week covers the meeting that the NASA group presented at. They seemed to have been met by an enthusiastic response by the faculty.


Stayed tuned next week for when we grow our own sugar crystals. We can have our science and eat it too.


(This is a real site too. Click on the hyperlink.)

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One comment on “Eating Science

  1. Elisabeth Ellington
    February 22, 2014

    Now you know how I feel when you and Kelsey keep blogging! SOOOOO happy!

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