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Sink or Swim

Do you know what one of the most rewarding things in the entire world is? It’s hearing someone tell you about their blog and how someone they didn’t know commented on it. This happened to Miss Adams this week. She came into class on Wednesday and began telling me how this woman who taught high school biology liked her blog and commented about one of the activities she posted about. This is what blogs are for. They are for sharing ideas between people and making connections that would never have existed before. It’s the coolest thing.


These are the evolving rice krispies that received the comment!

As we approach the beginning of April, the stress is piling on. I have two massive presentations to give. One is over my “Bloat ‘Em, Float ‘Em, Explode ‘Em” chicken project and the other is over this NASA project and the blogs I have been rounding up every week. I’m terrified. I’ve never been this nervous about a presentation before, but I really want do well. I want people to understand what these girls have achieved this semester and, ideally, I would really like people to walk away thinking about how to apply science blogging in their own classrooms. Will that happen? I have no idea, but I want to share this passion for science and writing and publishing that I have. When I said I wanted to be part of the education conversation, I didn’t think it would be within months. I had kind of been planning on years to get my feet under me. Sink or swim, I guess.


Anyway, here are all of the wonderful blogs from the past week!


First off, we have a guest blogger this week. My friend, Kelsey, visited the science building last Friday and she wrote the most amazing blog about it. This is what cross-curriculum is about and it is inspiring to see her writing about all of her great ideas and her funny pictures. She’ll be getting a better tour later today too.


Here’s her “Science Selfie!” We should make “Science Selfies” a thing.

Miss Adams wrote a blog on the evolving rice krispies project that I mentioned earlier in this post. She has some great pictures off all the different edible biology projects we did that day, including the super gross super salty rice krispies. She also made another video to share with you all about our lunar rover projects. Miss Adams and her team had designed a pretty awesome covered wagon rover.


Steffie also posted some fun pictures from the lunar rover projects and explained the dixie cup rocket challenge as well. She makes a very good point that the dixie cup rocket challenge is a great way to get students (and teachers) thinking outside the box and develop their problem solving skills.


Diane’s blog shows the other team’s lunar rover in an interesting series of pictures that could almost be interpreted as before and after pictures. They turned a random assortment of materials into a car that could race down a ramp and cross a table. She also includes the results from last week’s bacteria growing experiment. (You might want to go clean your computer mouse right now.) Diane also recaps on the fossil unit from two weeks ago and has posted a few ideas of her own on how to do fossils in elementary school classrooms.


Next week, I’ll be posting a video of my presentation and links to everyone’s blogs, so stay tuned!


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2 comments on “Sink or Swim

  1. Elisabeth Ellington
    March 28, 2014

    I think your presentation on blogging in science might be a good one for NCTE! Maybe we can try to put together a proposal for next year (we missed the deadline this year, sadly).

  2. kelseyempfield
    April 1, 2014

    I love the collection! Also, yes to NCTE! Right??

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