For All the Lost Students

Suicide is not a thing I talk about very often. My own experiences with it are unique in the ways everyone's are unique and my experience does not stand in for the experience of everyone else who has ever rubbed shoulders with the monster that is suicide. However, my own experiences have rocked me to... Continue Reading →

Pennies for Miles

For the month of February, I wracked up 110 miles. It's beginning to feel like a lot of running, almost too much. In February, I began to face that mid-training slump where you dread the moment you have to lace up your shoes and step out the door. This was probably in part to my... Continue Reading →

Cuban Book Crisis

Recently for a genius hour, I discussed communism and the Cuban Missile Crisis with all of my seventh graders. Some of their eyes glazed over, but many of them seemed truly engaged with what I was saying. I did my best to weave the story of the Cuban Missile Crisis into something that would keep... Continue Reading →

A Few Remembered Things

Ever since I returned from the CCIRA conference, I have been meaning to blog about lots of different sessions and ideas that I came away with. To give you a very brief overview of the conference, I left feeling rejuvenated in my practice and it also reminded me of some simple truths that I had... Continue Reading →

Two Books and a Winner

To begin, I would like to apologize for the brief hiatus. The last couple of weeks were filled with play practice, play performance, and trying to keep up with grading book reports that present a moral dilemma every time I look at them. I have been reading though and I have not forgotten about the... Continue Reading →

Book Talks Galore

This weekend while I was away at the Colorado Council International Reading Association, I listened to a wonderful session that was reminiscent of the session I sat in what feels like years ago at the Plum Creek Literacy Festival with Donalyn Miller. A wonderful woman, Linda Warren, presented so many different titles of books for... Continue Reading →

Out the Door

Even though the days are getting longer, I am still doing quite a lot of my running in the dark. I head out either at 5 AM or at 6 PM and I run in the dark and the quiet. My reflective vest and blinking lights and headlamp help to make sure that I am... Continue Reading →

Conference Time!

Today, I am headed to Denver for the Colorado Council International Reading Association conference. This will be a new conference for me too, though it will be my second conference as a real teacher and my 13th conference since I began my college career. I'm excited to continue to learn more about teaching reading and... Continue Reading →

What Comes Next

Last week, my one goal was to finish I'll Give You the Sun. Of course, life got in the way of that goal and it didn't happen which means that today I will not be telling you about how much I loved the rest of my book, I'll be filling you in instead about my... Continue Reading →

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