A girl and her cat take on the world with nothing more than a cup of tea and a good book and enough dreams to fill the universe.

One Hour

On average, these blog posts take me one hour to write and find pictures for. I have company coming over in one hour. The only problem is that I have a 5 minute transit time to get to where they’re coming because they’re coming to my parents house and not my apartment. Let’s see if we can do this really quickly. Ready. Set. Go.


In T-Minus 5 seconds we have places to be.

Last week, I read a book called This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen. It was a nice light piece of fiction that was like sitting down to a meal of fried chicken and chocolate cream pie. It’s comfort food fiction. While I enjoy this sometimes, I am in this funk where I really like books that make me think or present these crazy situations, like The Hunger Games or Delirium where love is a disease to be cured. While Sarah Dessen did surprise me a couple of times, like when the main couple breaks up in the middle of the book, the outcome was horribly predictable and there were all sorts of loose ends. Like why did the band have to play at her mother’s wedding to pay off their bail? Why were they in jail in the first place? Why exactly did the mom’s fiance need to pay the bail? None of this is explained. Ever. And it sounds halfway interesting. Way more interesting than “my mom has been married five times and the new husband is an Ensure drinking cheating bastard.” Just saying. Not my favorite kind of book, but I can see where teenagers can identify with it, so its use is not totally lost on me.


If Sarah Dessen’s book turned into food it would look like this.

I am going to see Les Miserables tonight and I even considered saving this post until after the movie, but I have class tomorrow at 8 and so dismissed the idea. I am SO EXCITED!!!!!! I am bringing two packets of Kleenex, just to be prepared. I think I’m going to start crying at the opening credits and continue until the end of the movie when they turn the lights back on. And probably a little bit on the way home. I saw a youtube video where this old couple are sitting in their car saying that they’ve cried less at funerals than they did at this movie. I am ready to be blown away.


So much awesome. So many tears.

Given a recent obsession with Henri, I’m wondering if I should start doing a series of videos with my own black cat. He could be the American, consumer counterpart of Henri. Joplin could show how it’s all about the new experience. (He will still have food in his bowl, but he won’t eat any of it unless I sprinkle some new food on top. It’s dry cat food. I have no idea what his problem is.) I could totally twist it into a different view point. Maybe get a debate going between Henri and Joplin. That would be cool and way too time consuming.


And Joplin has Henri by the collar! Oh! But a good left hook from Henri sends Joplin flying!

I don’t have much else to say. It’s been a pretty okay week. Although, I will announce that I am taking a stand against racism at my workplace. I refuse to be a silent witness. I can do something about the problem and I’m going to.


Big, scary steps.

 I am also going to find a way to kindly, but firmly let down this boy with a puppy love crush on me at work. (One day he sat down and made sure our knees were touching until I was completely twisted sideways in my chair and he was halfway under the table. Kid is not one for subtlety.) I feel bad about this, but it must be done.


Gonna break his heart. Cause I’m a heartbreaker.

But, it’s close to time for company and I’ve got to get a move on. I’ll see you all Saturday.


5 comments on “One Hour

  1. nikkijh24
    January 24, 2013

    I don’t know which part of this post to really reply to because I laughed out loud the entire time. This is such a great post, haha! Comfort food fiction, hahaha, just that one little line made me want to pick up this plate of fried chicken book.

  2. Rian
    January 24, 2013

    I LOVED Les Mis! First time I saw it, I bawled throughout the entire thing. It was brilliant and wonderful and I was lyp-syncing to every single song. So good!

  3. Elisabeth
    January 24, 2013

    Bah! I never get to the movies! Must go see Les Miz. Except there’s singing. And I don’t like singing in movies. I am also inspired by Henri! I have decided to do a series of haiku about my own tuxedo cat, Puck. I am going to call them Pucku. I’m pretty excited about this. Why haven’t you posted many pictures of Joplin? I used to keep a personal blog that was mostly cat photos and tirades about parenting. I think I need to re-introduce cat photos on my current blog. Because who doesn’t like cat photos??

    • Laura Cataldi
      January 26, 2013

      I cannot think of a single person who dislikes cat photos.

      Except maybe someone without a SOUL.

  4. Laura Cataldi
    January 26, 2013

    I have yet to see Les Mis, but I’m jealous any time I hear someone talking about going to see it. Q_Q I’ve seen it on-stage in Denver once before, and that was breath-taking, but that was quite some time ago. I’d love to see it again.

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