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Fascination Friday

Hello everyone and welcome to Fascination Friday. Fascination Friday will be a place for me to write about anything that I find interesting. Anything at all. I could write about rocket launches or I could write about candy corn. Today, I find Germany fascinating so, I bring you a guest writer (kind of): Hannah M. She’s my exchange sister from Dortmund, Germany.


Hannah tells me that there is absolutely nothing of interest in Germany, whatsoever. I disagree, so I decided to ask her more questions. What follows is my interview with her.

Me: What is a traditional meal in Germany? Is it sausage?

Hannah: Bratwurst. Sauerkraut. We drink beer. I hate beer, but everyone in Germany drinks beer. On birthdays, we eat cake or Haribo candies and Kinder chocolate.


Me: What’s your favorite toy you’ve ever gotten from a Kinder egg?

Hannah: There was something… You have it in your hands and you put it down and pull it up again. A yoyo?

Me: Exactly. Who’s a famous German author that you have to read in school?

Hannah: Wilhelm Tell, that’s the name of the book. I’ll look up who wrote it. It’s by Friedrich Schiller. It’s a long time that we read this, so I don’t remember.

Me: What’s the best soccer team in Germany?

Hannah: Borrusia Dortmund. I have to say this, I’m from Dortmund.


Me: How do people dress in Germany?

Hannah: Not like here. We are not going with sports shorts to school. We are dressed up with jeans and fashion tops. When we go out, we are more dressed up. When we are going in clubs, some people are wearing only bras and something over it where you can look through the shirt.

Me: Do people drive a lot?

Hannah: I would say it’s normal, not like here. Because people of my age until eighteen can’t drive alone with the cars. So we have to use the underground, or bus, or bicycle. We have trains too. We have everything.

Me: What’s something interesting you’ve learned in your German history classes?

Hannah: Hitler. I found Hitler interesting. I’m the wrong person to ask. I have not much history. And I realized that here, people talk so much about history and in Germany, we don’t even talk about this.

Me: Do you like Angela Merkel?

Hannah: Maggie! Don’t ask me questions like this! You know I don’t know this! I think I will know more about this when I have to chose a party. I chose a party at eighteen.


Me: Do you have a favorite German city?

Hannah: Cologne. My favorite serial runs there.

Me: What are some festivals you celebrate?

Hannah: Of course, we have Carnival. There is… I don’t know how you call this… There are people on the side of a street and then there is a train of people. A parade! You have people with funny clothes on and the people in the parade are throwing candies to the people on the side. And the people in the parade are walking with instruments or on a big car and they throw candies or dance or everything. It is mostly parents with little kids who stand on the side. It’s very big in Cologne. We also have many holidays with the church, but my family is not very religious so we don’t celebrate this. We also have the Day of the German Nation. It’s on October 3rd.

Me: What about Oktoberfest?

Hannah: People are wearing dirndls and lederhosen. They eat bratwurst and pretzels and drink beer.


We smell bratwurst and beer! (Hannah said this was okay to post.)

Me: Do you have a lot of immigrants in Germany?

Hannah: It’s different from city to city I think. I know in my school there are many people from Turkey. There are no people from America or South America, only mostly Europe.

Me: Can you tell me something that you really love about Germany?

Hannah: I hate school. I hate soccer. No! I hate most of the food. I am not German! Maybe the political system. It’s more, I don’t how to say, more in order.

Me: It’s not all shutdown.

Hannah: YEAH!

Me: Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Hannah: I’m sure I could come up with something really good after we’ve posted this, but…. I really don’t know. I miss the privacy of the big city. We also have the largest Christmas tree in the world. And a Christmas village. I love Christmas. You go there and it’s so warm.


And that’s all for today’s Fascination Friday. Hopefully the government will be back up and running next Friday and I can post about rocket launches. Until then: YAY GERMANY!



3 comments on “Fascination Friday

  1. Ronja
    November 8, 2013

    Unfortunately, the picture she depicts of of Germany and the German youth is not all too well. Too bad! There are many other examples of young Germans who care a lot more about what is happening in their country and can actually tell you something of interest and give others a little more insight into the German culture!

    • lechatdu503
      November 8, 2013

      Would you like to send me an email with your responses? I’ll post a Germany Part II if you decide it’s something you’d like to share.

      • Ronja
        November 9, 2013

        Yes Ma’am!
        As soon as I have time I’ll try to restore my countries reputation 😉
        Also, I just wanted you to know that I recently rediscovered your blog and I must say I am quite fond of it!

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