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Sharing Sunday: How I Was Raised

This is a more polished form of the poem I wrote as part of Mariah’s teaching demonstration. Enjoy!

When’s she going to be big?

Smothering her with pillows and hugs

Fright night Barbie games

And remodeling Olympics

Playing in the pile of dirt

Making plans for our duplex playhouse

Staying up to wait for Santa Claus

Taller than me

Please start eating

Plaid skirts and blazers

Soccer and Grey’s,

Raised by my little sister.


The man in the basement

HTML and Java, ahead of his time

Up at all hours, writing and

Taking photos of calving with

Blood on the wall.

Fake wounds plastered to our

Skin and shake us one more time

Upside down on the stretcher please.

Climbing wall in the garage and

Pedaling so fast he breaks

His eyeball, helping the

Neanderthal learn to count because

Math: not all poetry is words.

Raised by my dad.


Slow and steady wins the race

And only you can prevent forest fires.

Outside in the tall grasses and the

Taller trees and the biggest blue sky.

Plant a tree and move that mulch,

What are we having for dinner?

Good night ladies and slow

Plucking on that banjo.

Don’t make friends, they’ll only hurt you,

But love so much it hurts.

So mad, she broke the kitchen pot.

Go chase your dreams, but

I didn’t expect you to catch them.

Raised by my mom.


(My mom is the tall one in the middle.)

Cigarette smoke and a clean house,

Well worn cards and a war won.

Ice cream in the freezer and a

Never talked about broken neck.

Word of the day and the Reader’s Encylopedia

Can I have the Chinamen when you die?

Candles around the bathtub and

Tuesday dinners of the best thing

You’ve ever tasted.

This is right and this is wrong,

And this is how we do things,

But we live in a world of gray.

Bones and Rosemary and Thyme

And my bosom friend.

Raised by my Paco.

I have no pictures of Paco, my grandmother, and she passed away the summer of 2012, so you’ll just have to imagine this wonderful, large, old woman with a mop of silver gray hair and glasses wearing boat shoes, khaki pants with the elastic waist and a navy sweater.

Until next time….


2 comments on “Sharing Sunday: How I Was Raised

  1. lilscribbles
    October 14, 2013

    this is so beautiful! looks like you have a pretty amazing family 🙂 i love all the small details in how you describe them.

  2. nikkijh24
    October 15, 2013

    Hahahaha. Man, no pictures of Paco? She sounds amazing. Khaki pants with the elastic waist: comfort AND style!

    Great job, Maggie!

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