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Sharing Sunday: A Letter to E.N. Glish

This was a persuasive letter writing exercise that we did in class as part of Laura’s and Nikki’s teaching demonstration.


Mathius McGee

314 Pi Lane

Circumference, WA 55550

October 16, 2013

E. N. Glish

42 Wallaby Way

Sidney, NE 69337

Dear E. N. Glish,

Not all poetry has words. (Yes, I believe math is poetry.) Math is an exciting way in which you can conquer the world, even through using the square root of nine, which is prime. Without interest and the math behind royalties and the language of math itself, we would have no literature. I am in favor of a world where math and English can coexist peacefully.


We need math so that we can go explore Mars and so that you know if you can afford that new car. Math needs English so that we may communicate our knowledge and show others the beauty of a well solved equation. Also, math better enables the brain to learn new languages and patterns. How would you like to be able to read Pablo Neruda in his native Spanish and woo that lovely Latina? Or what about Les Miserables by Victor Hugo so that you can really understand that aftermath of the French revolution? Math can help you with its own language; after all it’s one of the few truly international languages that exist.  We all need our under-appreciated numbers.


You argue that English is superior, with its’ world conquering abilities and that in math, there exists only right and wrong. Well, in some areas of math, there are no right answers. The beauty of math lies in the interpretation of the answer. What does a number mean? And before you go and run and hide from multiplication and the function of x, please, consider the ‘word problem’ as an attempt to bring language into math.


So, let us try again. Let us work together, math and English. Don’t be frazzled by an empty bank account because of poor subtracting and I’ll not be upset if we bring William Blake into the math classroom. Let’s stop this foolish fighting and work together like x and y, like verbs and nouns.


Mathematically yours,

Mathius McGee

P.S. You’ll enjoy this.


One comment on “Sharing Sunday: A Letter to E.N. Glish

  1. kelseyempfield
    October 21, 2013

    I loved this when you read it in class and I love it on your blog with all of the additional pictures and video. Great piece all around Maggie!

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