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Worth Dying For

A few weeks ago, some girls in my Special Methods class brought up a recent murder of a math teacher at Danvers High School near Boston, MA. With all of the shootings and horrible things that seem to be happening more often lately, I thought I’d take the time to consider what I would die for.


I would die for teaching and education. If we lived in the some sort of alternate universe where learning wasn’t allowed, I would still try to teach. I would still be trying help people learn even if I knew the force in charge was a block away and coming to get me for my execution. That wouldn’t stop me. I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t be afraid if a shooter came to my school, but I would be willing to die to protect my students. I believe that schools are inherently good places and that sometimes bad things happen, but I would die for education. I would die for bringing people new information and knowledge. How do I know I would die for teaching? It’s in the feeling I get at the pit of my stomach that makes me excited and it’s the despair that I feel when I realize the system has so many problems. It’s the fire in my blood that keeps me going and motivated to get my degree. It’s that sense of “yes.”


I would die for science for many of the same reasons I would die for teaching. Science is this amazing, awe-inspiring, terrifying process of discovery of the world around us and within us and I honestly love it. I love having conversations about supernovas exploding and burning off our atmosphere if they’re close enough. I love learning about terror birds and rockets. I love knowing how DNA replicates and gene mutations. While I’m not ready to jump on a one way trip to Mars right now or join some experiment about a human’s resistance to arsenic, it’s one of those things that if someone came to my door and would kill me if I didn’t refute science, I would gladly die.


I would die for my little sister. I would do almost anything for my sister and I know she would do almost anything for me. We’re the type to argue over who would volunteer in the other’s place if the Hunger Games was real. We are fiercely close and dying for Liz would be selfish of me because it would be easier to be gone than to live without her. This is something we both worry about. We are human. One of us will die first. Frankly, I’m hoping that when push comes to shove, we pull a Thomas Jefferson John Adams kind of death and die within hours of each other, from natural causes of course.


(She’s the really tall one in the short dress on the end.)

These are the top three things that I’d be willing to die for. What are your top three? Is it books? Freedom? Justice? Gummy bears?


3 comments on “Worth Dying For

  1. rebajackson
    November 5, 2013

    Wow. You are just, wow. I am going to blog based on this blog. Thanks for inspiring me!

  2. Pam
    November 5, 2013

    What a powerful question…and answers. Sets me to thinking! The answers don’t come quickly?

  3. hecoll7
    November 8, 2013

    I think you posed an interesting question based on the fact of how many teachers die protecting their students. To me, those teachers are some of the world’s greatest heroes. I also have never considered what three things I would die for but you sure have gotten me thinking!

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