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Heartbeat Resolution

We all have a heartbeat. It pulses, beats, and taps out the rhythm of our lives. It is at the core of our being. If we listen to it, we can march to the beat of our own tuba. We can sing with the lifeblood that flows through us. This pulse tells us, in a Morse code only we can decipher, what we are destined to do. Do what you love, it tells us. Do what will bring you happiness and happiness to those around you, so pay attention.

heartbeat chalkI have struggled to listen to my heart this past semester. I think too much. I am too much in my head. I look at my Facebook feed and I see my friends, going out and doing great things for the world. This friend is in South America working for an embassy and that friend’s in Morocco making a difference for underprivileged women. This other friend, they have to decide between working for the Indian government or the American government. Adventures. Changing the world. Traveling. Making a difference. These are all the things I want to do. These are the things I want to have. I will admit, I’m jealous of these people, while I am also honored to be counted as their friends and acquaintances. I want to do great things, important things. And I’m going to be a teacher.

adventure awaitsI tell this to myself in a degrading way. A teacher. You’re going to be a teacher. You could have been an ambassador. You could have been a great scientist. You could have worked in the Capitol building in Washington D.C. You could have made a difference. Why didn’t you work harder? Why didn’t you try harder? A teacher? Really?

facepalmThen, a rap song grounded me. I was running and a rap song from a randomly chosen mix came on and before I had time to skip to the next track, I heard the words. “I would like to dedicate this song to all the teachers….” I paused. I could listen to this. This was positive. Yeah, teachers make a difference in people’s lives. And then, “who told me I would never amount to anything.” He went on and gave a laundry list of people who never cared and never helped him. People who were never there. Yet, the teacher line stuck with me. Teachers DO make a difference, be it positive or negative.

wallace stegnerWe may not get the credit that great politicians do. We may not get the travel opportunities that the international politics majors may get. We may always be fighting an uphill battle just to be recognized as a crucial piece of a hurting education system in a world that seems to be threatening to replace us with a computer every day, but we DO make a difference. I wish I could apologize to that rapper for his teachers who told him he’d never amount to anything, but I can’t. Here’s what I will do. In the classroom this January, I will bring in these truths that I hold in my heart, that beat through my pulse, that drive what I do.

truthTruth #1: Every single person deserves to be loved and to know what that feels like.

Truth #2: Every single person has their own intelligence, their own hopes and dreams, their own passion. They have a heartbeat. Even teachers.

Truth #3: Every single person is important and they should be treated that way. From your bus boy at Olive Garden to the President of the United States. No one is worth nothing and everyone deserves a minute of your time. Be nice.

do something nice todayWith this, I have tuned back into myself, found my frequency. I am going to be a teacher. My work is exciting. It is important work. I am making a difference for other people. I am doing what I love. And so, in honor of the new year, this is my resolution. I will be happy with me. I will acknowledge the importance of what I am doing. I will continue to learn and grow and make a difference.

happy new year


One comment on “Heartbeat Resolution

  1. Elisabeth Ellington
    December 31, 2014

    I get this, I really do. I started my teaching career with a clock ticking in my head. I thought I would teach for a couple of years someplace interesting (for an East Coast city girl, a reservation in South Dakota definitely qualifies as interesting) and then I’d transition to something entirely different, something with travel and writing and social justice and just a bit of glamour. But teaching–teaching well–turned out to be much more challenging, engaging, fulfilling, frustrating, and meaningful work than I thought it was going to be. And I can’t think of any other job, besides perhaps doctor, where you can have more long-term impact on people. Good teachers save lives. It is some of the most deeply ethical and committed work you can do.

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